Jason's Plugins For Carrd

Redirect plugin

A free Carrd plugin template to redirect your old Carrd site to a new URL.Click on the "See demo" button below to see how the plugin works. You will go to a temporary holding page, and then after a 3s delay, get redirected to the main URL.


How to redirect your Carrd site to another site:1. Let's say you have a Carrd site mysite.carrd.co that you want to redirect to a new site mysite.com that you built on another platform. As users, we don't have access to .carrd.co DNS records to create 301 redirects on server-side, so we can do client-side redirects instead using JavaScript. Note though: Client-side redirects are not great for SEO - Google may not index your pages correctly when redirecting using JavaScript.2. You just need to paste this Javascript code in an Embed element in your old Carrd site:<script>
window.onload = setTimeout(redirectToHQ, 3000);
function redirectToHQ() {

3. Change the “3000” (milliseconds) to a timing you prefer for how long it takes for the redirect to happen - 0 means it redirects immediately, 3000 means after 3 seconds on the old Carrd site.
4. Change the URL in the code to the final URL you want the user to land on.